Italian Planters has a team of Qualified Agricultural Engineers and Experienced Technicians who provide the best plant installation and maintenance practices and always-cares clients’ satisfaction.


Italian Planters works with Interior Designer, Architect, Project Manager and the Client and consult in the design process if required. Italian Planters has understood the necessary light levels, environment conditions and design can recommend the client a choice of appropriate plant and best container


Italian Planters handles all aspects of plant installation. This includes protective delivery to client’s site, placing each plant in the required location and final preparation such as watering, cleaning and pruning with in the limited amount of time.

Before we discuss all of the things that could be affecting your PC’s performance, let’s talk a little about what symptoms


Italian Planters will care for every plant we install, and plants you may already own or existing. Italian Planters provides a maintenance agreement to keeping living plants looking beautiful, healthy and free of pest and disease. Maintenance agreement We will replace any plant under contract with Italian Planter that expires due to circumstances under control of Italian Planters free of cost.

Quality Management

Italian Planters uses different quality improving techniques to serve excellent services to customers. Some of our QMS policies including staff training ,monitoring & client feedbacks